Friday, April 10, 2009

The Computer Setup

I get to setup my new computer.

Here's a list of tools I'm installing:

SQLDeveloper, for those moments I wanted to be able to easily download data. Great database navigator as well. I create reports here and in JDeveloper as well.
JDeveloper, though I won't be using Subversion for work, I'm hoping there is a plugin for source control that I can use. Still my favorite editor of choice.
CubicExplorer, which is a tabbed windows explorer and fairly nice.
WinMerge, always nice to be able to easily compare files.
FastStone Capture - screen grab utility. You can also add arrows and stuff to your captured images.

Firefox was already installed so I imported my JSON file with my standard links (Oracle Documentation, Google Stuff, etc). I needed some FF Add-ons though:
Meebo, which I'm trying out for the first time.
ScribeFire, for the occasional quick post.
Shareaholic, for quickly sending links out.
Delicious, naturally.

Oracle Database was already installed along with BI Publisher, so I didn't have to worry about those. I'm sure I'll have others, but these are the basics.


Anonymous said...

Give DropBox a try.
I love it, I tell everyone to use it, and everyone loves it.

Also, if you are compulsive note-taker like me, try evernote.

Unknown said...

The order looks much better :)

goryunov said...

I found Foxmarks very useful to synchronize all bookmarks across all browsers that I use on different PCs.

oraclenerd said...


couldn't let you down twice could I?

oraclenerd said...


Just downloaded it...the name has changed to Xmarks FYI.


oraclenerd said...


I've used DropBox before and definitely liked it. I try not to take notes though...phones (speed dial) has already slowed me down enough. ;)