Tuesday, April 28, 2009

COLLABORATE 09: What's Your Schedule?

Just in case you didn't know yet, I'm attending COLLABORATE 09 in Orlando, FL next week. I scored the coveted (?) media credentials as a blogger.

As long as I keep seeing "Beginner" in the "RAC Attack" hands on session, I'll be there. Naturally the site doesn't mention who is putting on the event, but I've been able to glean that at a minimum, Dan Norris and Jeremy Schneider will be there.

Others from the University Seminar list, full and half day classes on Sunday and Thursday, that interest me are:

U1: Data Modeling Made Easy
U9: Ask Tom Kyte Live!
U10: Securing Oracle

Those are all full day courses (Sunday).

On the speaker front, I plan on catching the keynote by Charles Phillips and can hopefully catch Tom Kyte as well. Though it might do me some good to hear people I am not familiar with. Will probably be a last minute decision.

I was going to link up my schedule but there doesn't seem to be a way to (easily) publish it. So I took a screen grab of it.

Yes, I've asked about 37 times already...but who is going to COLLABORATE 09? I owe one-to-many beers to at least one-to-many people.


I was just looking through my OraNA feed and found that Todd Sheetz is going as well. I don't know him...but I'll have to find him, anyone with a last name like that HAS to have a great sense of humor.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out Oraclenerd! I am flying down tomorrow and look forward to seeing everyone there. And yes, you will find I have a somewhat twisted sense of humor...

Bradd Piontek said...

For the record. I won't be going :)
I know an old co-worker went to the original RAC Attack! session in Chicago last year (This was sponsored by IOUG and I'm pretty sure the same session is going on at Collaborate this year).
Funny you mention Todd Sheetz. I was just reading his blog on Collaborate. I'm not sure if Alex Gorbachev is doing anything with RAC Attack! this time round, though.

Have a great time. I went to IOUG Live! 2001 in Orlando and had a blast (mostly with my family). This is one of my favorite Oracle conferences.

oraclenerd said...


Twisted is good.

Look for the fat bald guy with glasses. That'll be me. Wait...there might be a few of us huh?

Shoot me an email if you would at chet@oraclenerd.com and maybe you can be the recipient of a beer or three. Sheetz. WIN!

Dan Norris said...

Todd is a lot of fun--you should definitely look him up! I'm heading out on Sunday and you're right about RAC Attack--Jeremy Schneider is the mastermind and he and I will be there to help run the session. The University sessions do cost extra $$, but maybe your blogger credential allows you access? The RAC Attack session is designed to be useful and productive for RAC beginners as well as advanced RAC DBAs (thanks to Jeremy's brilliant design). Look forward to seeing you there.