Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Suffering from a bout of writer's block I impulsively decided to post that I had lost my job again. I figured it would be somewhat plausible given my recent past. I think it worked, a little. I realized that I did tag it "funny" but left it on there. Notably, Gary caught it.

I did email Lewis and Dom privately to tell them I was being funny. Bradd caught it himself going so far as to delete his original post.

I started to worry about jinxing myself, you know, the self-fulfilling prophecy sort of stuff? One way or another, it's out of my hands. It was funny to me at least. I think Jake chuckled a little bit but didn't want to acknowledge my small prank.

I was paid back by LC when I got home...he popped out of the bushes and scared me. Followed by another sneak attack shortly there-after.

Happy April Fool's Day!


Bradd Piontek said...

Believe me, if I had the means, there might have been a flaming bag of dog poo on your front porch :)

Jake said...

I missed this one somehow. Oh well. Try again next year.

oraclenerd said...

Bradd, such hostility for being taken...on April Fools? Must be the Wisconsin beer.


I'm disappointed. You're all over the place. I should have been more vocal on Twitter...or at least emailed you the link. That would have been funny.

Still think you should do the Twitter and Oracle session.

Bradd Piontek said...

You'll pay for that comment.

oraclenerd said...

Maybe I'll delete my comment? ;)

Bradd Piontek said...

Maybe I'll delete mine. Careful, I may have to unjoin ORACLENERD on facebook.

oraclenerd said...

OK, I'll stop...for a little while anyway.

Jake said...

Wow, take this to Twitter. It's easier to find that way.

Feel free to be disappointed, and no, I'm not submitting that talk. I like my job.