Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who's Your DBA?

I'm a "kind of" DBA, but not the real deal (yet). I do things from the application perspective which all you real DBAs laugh at (stop it).

I like competition, it's good for the soul. I've begun wondering who the best DBA in the world would be. As far as I know, there is no such competition.

A good place to start though would be the Oracle Certified Masters. Based on the curriculum to achieve said credential, I'd say these people would rank among the best right?

What about those that choose not to take it, but are more than worthy? Would it be those that blog? How could I ever know? (No Howard, it doesn't really matter, it's just curiousity).

Anyway, my DBA got mentioned by one of the better known DBAs out there, Tanel Poder. I'd say that's pretty cool.

Miladin Modrakovic is his name, Oraclue is his game. (Corny, I know).

Joking aside, I like (love?) working with this guy. If there is something I don't understand I can pass it along without fear of him not knowing. That hasn't always been my experience. My first "DBA" gig I was the only one there...I knew everything, or had to. It's such a relief to know that I don't have to know everything.

So if you like that real DBA stuff, internals, diagnostics, etc., check out his site. It's well worth the read.


DomBrooks said...

There's nothing wrong with having an application-centric approach/perspective as opposed to pure DBA.

It's just slightly different sphere of knowledge. But an invaluable one.

I've worked with many DBAs whose interest stops at the application and, frankly, the value this sort adds is limited - "the database server is fine, it's an application issue, over to someone else".

It's all about DBA 2.0 these days isn't it? And whether the added knowledge goes from the database downwards into OS, storage and networks or upwards into the application tiers, or preferably both even, then what does it matter.

The application perspective is an excellent place to branch out from.

Oracle Mike said...

The thing I struggle with in my professional life is this: Where do I stop studying? DBA info? PL/SQL? Web languages? The hot new Ruby stuff? Being a "Renaissance Man" was great for DiVinci and Franklin...but will that idea fly in the age when the volume of available knowledge is stored and accessible on the limitless capacity of the internet/web/cloud vs. the numbered pages of well-known but not universally available books? I think not.
For the better part of the last 6 years I've been doing PL/SQL & SQL development (man you can do a lot with Oracle SQL, huh? And it's *easy* to *not* know you can do it!...sheesh!)So I took this web development job here because there was nothing Oracle-based being offered and I had been looking for 2 months. And I had no $$ saved up. And I have a large family.
So I'm sitting there last night (or night before) studying my latest brain-torture-source ( and it hit me: I need to focus (focus..focus...focus!!) on Oracle development. PL/SQL development and the like.
Now I'm focused right?
Ehhh...yeah, not really.
I mean do I avoid Apex? OBIEE? Financials? How many application-centric applications does Oracle have anyway? 1,000? 10,000?
Ah ... geez. See, everywhere I turn there's something there that keeps me from being focused.
I really like the new "O" portion of ORDBMS.
Not too many people seem to be into it, though, so I don't know if it has a real application.
So for now I'm gonna focus on getting all the kick-ass PL/SQL knowledge and expertise I can wrap my brain around. Will it pay off?
"No risk - no reward."
I just wanna do what feels good at the moment.
Then again, I gotta stop muddling through every new technology that gets thrown in my face so that I end up being able to anything and nothing really well.
This is where I'm at.
Until I get distracted.
Or need a new job really, really bad and have to take what's being offered.
God save me.
So in reference to your post here I think what I *think* (which is in direct contradiction too often to what I *do*) can be summed up in 2 words: 1) specialize 2) collaborate.

oraclenerd said...


Agreed. I think more places (enterprisey) places could use the hybrids (w00t! BSG reference).

More than anything I was trying to say it's just nice to "be." Not have to worry about "everything." I have full trust and confidence in Miladin to carry out his stuff. I haven't had that very often and it's nice to be able to sit back, watch and learn.

Oracle Mike said...

The Theory vs. The Reality. Like gravity and centrifugal force, when two opposing forces are properly balanced, life, peace and prosperity can occur.
"Specialization" is a nice theory, isn't it? Good to keep around, too, I think.
"The Reality" is that we all have to play the hybrid to survive.
I'm just trying to figure out where my balance is.
Right now I feel like I got sucked into a Hybrid Black Hole from which there is no escape (as is the case with Black Holes, of course). (New word alert: tautologous, that's that what that last sentence was. Learned that one from my Benjamin Franklin biography.)
You're in a good situation there with Miladin, it sounds like. Perhaps you should really seize the opportunity to "specialize" and add some force to that side of the equation?

Tom said...

Miladin knows his stuff.

oraclenerd said...

Yes he does. Even if he's mean all the time to me! ;)