Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What I Learned Today

I was deploying a project to our UAT environment and having problems getting the script to finish. We have these weird timeout issues that, if connected, will boot you out after 30 minutes or so. Some believe it's a firewall issue and others believe it's a security control.

This particular piece of code would bump me out after about an hour, 2/3rds of the way through.

I tried to spruce up the anonymous block by instrumenting the code with dbms_application_info.set_session_longops, removing unnecessary commits and replacing loops with set based operations.

I get it all prettied up and kick it off then open up a JDeveloper User-Defined Report to watch it run. The SQL is (from the linked post above):
TO_CHAR( start_time, 'MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS' ) start_ti,
time_remaining rem,
elapsed_seconds ela,
ROUND( ( sofar / REPLACE( totalwork, 0, 1 ) ) * 100, 2 ) per,
totalwork work,
FROM v$session_longops
WHERE start_time >= SYSDATE - 1
ORDER BY start_time DESC
But I don't see anything returning. WTF?

Go talk to Mr. DBA and asked him if he could help me monitor. He opens up OEM, but that's not what I was thinking. I was thinking of the Toad --> DBA --> Session browser. Finally I talk him into that and there's the code running. WTF?

"Why can't I see it? I'm using v$session_longops too."

"Ah yes young Padawan, this is RAC, you must use the GV$ tables."

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