Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Things

No Oracle stuff here, just feel like writing.

Kate, my little monster, decided to go to the hospital again. Penuemonia (yes, I spelled it wrong, that's how we say it around here). Last week her lungs were beautiful, probably the best doc has ever seen them. Her head was another matter, not a single black spot to be found. Diagnosis: sinus infection. Apparently it traveled down to her lungs. Hopefully it will be a short stay.

"Publicly?" Why do I want to spell it "Publically?" Pub-lick-lee.

Kris and Little Chet
Kris let Little Chet watch Terminator 2 last night. Seriously? I watched most of it with him and there really isn't that much gore. A lot of bullets flying, but it's 2 robots shooting at each other right? I came down to check on him during the final scene of the movie when the Terminator is put into the super hot molten stuff. He was crying. He didn't want the Terminator to die.

Coaching Baseball
I've been "coaching" Little Chet's 5-6 year old baseball team. It's coach pitch the first 5 then bring out the tee. Hands down the best stress reliever of all time. I get to yell at a bunch of kids for and hour and a half. Is there a better way to live? I don't think so.

Me Yelling, neigh, Screaming
"Come on! Hustle of my field!"

"Quit playing in the dirt!"

"That's why you wear a cup!"

"I'll hit you with this tennis ball if you walk off that field again!"

"No wrestling!"
I think the parents enjoy the show I put on...at least I hope they do.

Thanks for listening.


Jake said...

Sorry to hear about Kate. Hope she's feeling better soon.

T2 isn't a walk in the park. It's stressful to see the T1000 refuse to die.

I actually find myself saying something similar about a cup to adults I train with when they catch a knee.

Bummer for them. I wear one.

oraclenerd said...

Kate's coming home tomorrow. w00t!

Now I have to find T3 so he can see that he lives (...but he dies at the end doesn't he?).

Many of my baseball friends don't or never wore one. A teammate of mine once took a 97 hit ball in that sensitive area. Blood for a week. I saw him the following week at the sports store buying a cup. I've worn one religiously since (well, given I haven't played in a few years, I don't wear one around the house or to practice or anything like that). ;)