Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Things

An old buddy of mine sent me this picture today. I have no credits unfortunately.

Tim Tebow, University of Florida quarterback, does the Heisman pose with a baby. WIN!

From oraclenerd

What else?

I promised Mr. Kuramoto ORACLENERD stickers quite some time ago...he sent me a few AppsLab stickers. Anyone else want one? Leave a comment if you do.

I can't promise it will be soon, but the more people that leave a comment the more pressure I'll be under to come through. That's a good thing.

Anyway, who in their right mind wouldn't want a sticker proclaiming their love of Oracle?

What else?

Need to work on my test harness, but it's kind of petered out.

What about some sort of database security/auditing/reporting tool that sits on top of the built in auditing? Preventing DDL operations in certain accounts...limiting logons to a certain time frame...capture changes for deployments. We're trying to cook something like that up right now. If only I could get my DBA to configure ApEx correctly.

What else?

That's all I can think of now. Brain hurts from too much debugging and unraveling of complex (read: unintuitive) cross database applications (OLTP --> OLAP).

Oh wait, if you haven't started reading the FAIL Blog, do so immediately. Hilarious. I'm seeing the WIN/FAIL thing everywhere now.

OK, now that's it.


Bradd Piontek said...
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Bradd Piontek said...

Oh, hellz yeah I want an ORACLENERD sticker. Not to proclaim my love of Oracle, but because i'm such a SCHWAG whoooooooore.

Jake said...

Mr. Kuramoto is my father. You can call me Generalissimo Kuramoto, has a nice ring to it. Or my friends call me Cash.

oraclenerd said...

How about The Generalissimo Kuramoto? I like the idea of putting "The" in front of everything.

Jake said...

How about The Generalissimo el Jefe Kuramoto? I can get on board with that.