Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OBIEE: Direct Database Request

Of course a couple of our leads asked last week if they could get access to OBIEE to do some reports. Naturally, they didn't want the point and click variety, they had the SQL (our OLTP is replicated to our DW as well).

I had no idea how to do it of course. Click click clicking around I couldn't find anything. Wait, BI Administrator. That's how you add users. OK, good enough.

How do you give them access to write Direct Database Request SQL? I'm still not sure but the answer probably lies in the "Answer" section. From there, you can either select a subject area or select a "Direct Database Request." With the Direct Database Request all you need is the Connection Pool information (still not positive on how this is formatted) and your SQL statement.

The Connection Pool entry looks something like this:
"DEV_BI"."Connection Pool"

You do not need to put the relevant tables into the Physical Layer of the Administration tool. That makes life a little easier.


Adeel Javed said...

Thanks for the post you just might have solved our biggest issue. The next issue is that I want to link two reports created using Direct SQL i.e. when I click on a column of Report A I should be directed to Report B with the filter passed from Report A. The issue that we are facing is that we can access the presentation variables in Report A, but are unable to pass them to Report B. So do you have any ideas? Thanks.

Adeel Javed

oraclenerd said...


I wish I could help you out...I am but a newbie trying to find my way through the OBIEE tool set. I've been fortunate enough to meet some great people online though. Have you tried the Rittman Mead, Christian Berg or Venkatakrishnan blogs? They might be able to help you better than I.