Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Countdown Timer Part II

Once before I had a countdown (well, countup) timer to mark the time since my last production incident (one where I screwed something up). It was a way to poke fun at myself but also a steady reminder to be careful.

In that vain, I've created a new one marking the consecutive time I've been employed! As noted in my previous post, I've had difficulty holding on to jobs this past year. Three times in fact. Fired once, laid off twice and brought back twice (by the same company).

Here's to not having to reset this effin clock in 2009!



Chen Shapira said...

In January 1st I'll celebrate 9 consecutive years with my current employee. I'll also drink for not resetting the clock this year.

oraclenerd said...


9 years? That awesome! You might be the exception to the rule these days.

I was at my first IT job for almost 3 years. Had I not been having such a difficult time (starting a business, birth of my crazy daughter) I would have definitely been able to stay. Once I left though, there was no satisfying that craving I have for more.

Congrats on 9 years! I hope someday I can say the same thing.

DomBrooks said...

Yep - I'll drink to that (well in ten hours at least, 9.30am is a little early for me).

Here's to us all keeping our jobs / contracts throughout 2009, especially you Chet.

Jake said...

I always liked the counter, like those "accident free" counters you see in machine shops or factories.

Its new iteration is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on your unfortunate rollercoaster ride.

You should establish an under/over line and run some book, then maybe it would soften the news next time.

Anyway, I'll toast to keeping a job in 2009.

oraclenerd said...

Thanks Dom!

I like the idea...I'll give it some thought.