Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oracle in the Amazon Cloud

This is pretty old by now...I had every intention of blogging about it yesterday, but I didn't get to the computer last night.

So I'm "watching" Twitter, there's a whole lot of activity from Oracle Open World, and I see an update from oracletechnet (a.k.a. Justin Kestelyn, the OTN Editor-in-Chief) about the new Cloud Computing Center on OTN.

Of particular interest is the Flash demo of provisioning an EC2 instance with Oracle provided virtual machine images (Amazon Machine Images or AMIs).

Licensing information can be found here.  The FAQs can be found here.

The one problem that I haven't seen resolved yet with the Cloud setup (hosted offsite) is security.  As a financial services company, it would be difficult if not impossible.  I did ponder the ability to use the Cloud as a dev and QA environment, as long as everything was masked before hand and you used Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).  Also, as the FAQ states, it might be a good place to store your backups.

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