Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tampa - Employment Resources

What else would I be writing about?

If you're ever in the Tampa area, here are some resources you can utilize to find a job.

Consulting Agencies

Tech USA
Sun Personnel
Rita Technology Services

Job Sites

Employ Florida - My father sent this one to me yesterday. Very good.
(The obvious ones)
Career Builder

If I think of anymore I'll add them here. If you know of any others in the area, leave 'em in the comments.


LewisC said...


Just curious. Do you post your resume at the job boards or just do searches? I usually post my resume but I know some people don't like having that info on the web.

I use my skype and cell phone numbers instead of my home phone though. Can't do much about the address, I guess, unless you get a po box or something.


oraclenerd said...

I've only posted my resume at Monster (and only there because it's been there for 7 or 8 years). I should do that though so others can find me.

I haven't tried Skype yet but that's a great idea...

Unknown said...

I've also found good leads on JobServe. Honestly I've gotten the best leads over the past year through networking on LinkedIn.

oraclenerd said...

I've run across that one as well. Employ Florida feeds off of it.

LinkedIn...I have paid as much attention to it as I probably should. There's a goal for this evening! (I need all the goals I can get at this point). ;)