Sunday, July 6, 2008


I read The Daily WTF, well, daily. On Thursday last week, there was a good one on process. Essentially, the entire process had to be followed when an error occurred at boot. F1 would have solved the problem immediately...

My first job I never really got to put anything into production, so I wasn't real familiar with it. My second job, I was the lone ranger, so I did everything myself (though I did not do development in production). My last job however, was full of "The Process."

Rightfully so, especially in a large environment (i.e. more than 1 developer), though I think it was a bit overdone. And up until one of my failed deployments, the deployment itself was done through the Change Request (CR). What I mean by that, is that the code was attached to the CR itself. Since I attached a newer version, which had not been QA'd, well, you get the picture. We finally moved to a system whereby the DBAs actually deployed from our source control system...thankfully.

Now I'm in an environment that's a mix between the last job and the second to last. Everything is QA'd, but there isn't this whole process surrounding deployments...yet. Fortunately we're small enough to deal with it.

What's the point? I'm not sure.

Perhaps it's that I've learned more what not to do from The Daily WTF...

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