Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't Go Into the Office

Whenever my boss asks me to come with him...I will politely tell him I'm not going.

I was laid off yesterday.

I want to see how many jobs I can have in one years time apparently. I didn't undermine myself this time though.

So if you know of anything in the Tampa Bay area, please let me know.


Harold Green said...

Agggh! I went through that same thing. Sorry!

oraclenerd said...

I'm seriously paranoid about it now. ;)

I understand it's the life of a consultant...and I don't mind spending the time with my family...but I do have to work a little bit!

LewisC said...

Dude! No Way!

That sucks! Shoot me an email. I have a couple of contacts. I might be able to hook you up.


DomBrooks said...

Mate, that's rough. Hoping for another quick bounce back...

oraclenerd said...

Thanks Dom. It's been a rough few years...thankfully my father passed on his great sense of humor and easy-going personality. :)

Plus, it's a great way to get time off!

Jake said...

Sorry dude. This happened to me back in 2001 after the air wheezed out of Silicon Valley.
It did help me figure out who I am/am not and what I wanted to do/not do.
Good luck w/the job hunting.

oraclenerd said...

Thanks Jake.

I do know that I love working with Oracle databases...I may have learned 2% of the actual functionality so there's a lot of room to grow.

I just need to avoid those LAMP shops which seem to be all the rage these days.

Jake said...

Ha, LAMP isn't as prevalent as the Intertubes would have you believe.

Possible protip: Summize's RSS feed for "oracle" always has job openings. Recruiters have found Twitter. Nice thing about Summize, you don't have to use Twitter to use it.

Feel free to comb my LinkedIn contacts if you like. Drop a note if you want more info on any of them.

Guess this means you won't be coming to OOW as a blogger :) Or will you?

oraclenerd said...

I wish I could go...I hadn't really considered doing the "blog from OOW" thing...don't consider myself a "blogger" yet. ;)

I've just added the feed from summize...pretty cool. I haven't quite got the hang of twitter yet.

Thanks for the help Jake...a trolling I go!

Cory Foy said...

Hey Chet,

Look at local government as well. Hillsborough County, City of Tampa, Pinellas County, etc, etc. Banks too - Acheiva Credit Union.

Sorry to hear it. Makes me feel like I was living this:


But no one caught it. ;)

Good luck finding a new gig.

oraclenerd said...

That's a great poster! Very apropos.

I'll check those out...thanks Cory!