Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long Live the Revolution!

Revolution Money that is...

I'm no longer afraid to at least say that, though if you had checked out my LinkedIn profile, you would have seen it.

Revolution Money is a startup company described as "PayPal meets MasterCard" without the fees. Among the board members are:

  • Steve Case, founder of AOL

  • Ted Leonsis (here and here), among other things, he is the current owner of the Washington Capitols

  • Larry Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury

There are a couple of other board members, but those are the ones that I know of off-hand.

So far I am extremely happy, though I don't really know how to deal with the distress that is no longer there. I suppose it will wane with time...

Everyone I work with seems to be amongst the best and brightest which is pretty cool. My view (pictures coming soon) is pretty awesome. Relaxed environment (think casual Friday every day). The CEO brings his dog into work...

I should have the opportunity to learn quite a bit here.


Anonymous said...


Casual Friday, everyday, is great. Not quite as great as my previous private sector job - thing Saturdays, everyday. Shorts and t-shirts were allowed.

Tom said...

Oh yeah, what about Sunday everyday? Being hungover every day and watching football.