Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blogging Safely Part II

Man, I just have too much time on my hands.

I've debated whether I should write about the specifics of my termination. Yes. No. Yes. No. Alright, no.

After counsel from a few fellow bloggers (how cool is that? A built in support group!), I've decided against it. If I were independently wealthy (read: not dependent on a salary), I might.

I am also trying to take the high-road, trying to have some class I guess.

The more I sit around the worse I feel about it too. It is/was a humbling experience.

Yes, I was ready (and looking) to leave. But to be walked out of the building is not fun (though many thought I was just playing another prank). I wish it had not happened that way.

I do have my own opinions and I will voice them, but when a decision is made, I usually just shut my mouth and either live with it or look for a new job (if I totally disagree). Many people view this as arrogance I believe. That I am not open to new ideas. That is most definitely not the case.

(can you say rambling?)

So, if you blog and haven't read my previous post on Blogging Safely, do it now. Something good must come out of this.

Discuss blogging with your employer. See if they have guidelines on blogging. If not, err on the side of caution.

Thanks to everyone for your support. It reminds me of the support I received last year at this time when my daughter fell ill. Now I have a virtual family!


Anonymous said...

I think I did try to warn you about what you should and shouldn't put on a blog when you first started this hobby...

oraclenerd said...

Yes yes, I know.

I made a great attempt to be very careful...

Anyway, I should have listened...absolutely!

Jake said...

If you think blogging provides a support group, you should try Twitter. The conversational nature makes it way more immediate and personal.

I can think of a dozen or more incidents of personal life broadcasts that have elicited sympathy (or empathy for bex's benefit) from Tweeters.