Thursday, October 25, 2007

Looking for an Oracle Developer?

So I am on vacation (well, I wouldn't necessarily call being a pack mule vacation) at Disney World this week.

Yesterday I received a text message from one of my friends, our company was being overtaken by armed FBI agents, lots of 'em.

FBI raid shutters Medicare insurer

FBI Raids Tampa WellCare

I've never seen any of these types of activities, though the scope of duties has been fairly limited (I've been there less than a year). I find it hard to believe as everyone I have worked with on the IT side of things I KNOW is on the up and up. I've never been asked to do anything nefarious...My hope, that if true, it is only a select few individuals.

I thoroughly enjoy working there. I am surrounding by some great people, both personally and professionally, but I do have a family to feed so...

So if you are in the Tampa area and are looking for a hard-working Oracle developer (APEX, PL/SQL), either email me or post a comment (I won't post the comment, but I will receive it via email and I can contact you from there). I'll also work on getting my resume updated and online.

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