Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Chicken Almost Came Home to Roost

We have a daily meeting with the Business concerning the current, long running project. This is the one I have screwed up a couple of times.

I have a scheduled deployment next week, mainly just performance improvements. I've managed to get this down from 10-12 hours to 7-8.

At the end of the meeting, the Business questions the need for the performance improvements - we're re-architecting my solution in parallel because mine was just a conversion from SAS (yuk!) - as we'll be live in just 2 months with the new one.

Obviously, I know why they're thinking that.

IT, me, can't be trusted to do it right. Since I've, umm...screwed up a couple of times. Why do this if it's not broken?

I just hung my head low, I knew, and I couldn't really argue with them. I had no ground to stand on. Our PM said that he'd take it back to our manager and let them know.

I went to lunch and thought about this blog entry I would be writing.

I got back from lunch and my PM informed me that this would be going into production...the Business' big boss, Miss VP, said so.

Woohoo! Someone has some semblance of confidence in IT (me)!

I've done everything I could to make sure that I didn't do something silly. We had a peer code review to compare the most recent build against that which was in production. My unit tests were much more thorough. I worked with QA to get them to look at specific points. Let's just hope all goes well.

This is a big test for me. Either I pass and gain some credibility back or fail and lose my job. Wish me luck!

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