Monday, December 12, 2011

katezilla: 7



Another year, which always amazes us.

After suffering from analysis paralysis, we were put in touch with someone who helped get us unstuck. She told us how her school worked and the kind of treatment that Kate should be getting. When we told her Kate was getting an hour a month of speech, in a group, she almost cried. Her students got 25 hours a week, all year around, of ABA therapy. Kate was getting 1 or 2 a month. WTF?

With that, we moved her to a new school in October, Sydney's School, Specializing in Autism and Related Disabilities.

Despite the finances of the place (which so far, haven't been as terrible as I predicted...fingers crossed), we knew it was good for her within a week.

You see, we have stairs. Kate can't do stairs. We've been working with her for years to walk up the stairs. She can crawl up them, no problem, but she can't get down. I did manage to teach her to slide on her butt a bit, but she just wouldn't do it. Then Kelly, her caretaker started to work with her constantly on going up and down the stairs, upright. She still wouldn't do it, unprompted.

So Kris goes to pick up Kate near the end of that first week and asks her teacher how she's handled the stairs. "Fine, no problems."

Kris: "What?"

Teacher: "She goes up and down just fine. She needs a little assistance, but she mostly does it on her own."

Kris (thinking): "That little shit."

The last 2 months at Sydney's School have been amazing. We're finally seeing real progress. Can't wait to see what a year of this kind of therapy will do for her.

That's definitely been the highlight of our year. Now she's on to the 7th year, something we never thought we'd see. Kate's tough as ever, smart as ever and still happy as ever.


Noons said...

That piece of news just made my week, nay: my month!
Thanks for sharing. May you all have a perfect Xmas and a HNY of 2012.

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melissa said...

ah just saw this. that's the best news chet!! she looks amazing!! definitely getting to be a big girl!! xoxo