Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Thoughts: #21

Been a slow month for me, haven't written a whole lot. I thought I had my mojo back last week, but not quite...

Light Reading
OBIEE performance – get your database sweating by Robin Moffatt (@rnm1978). Much of this is common sense, or so you'd think.

Mr. Moffatt, for the past year or so has been seen getting more into the performance side of things. On Twitter, I see him engaging Mr. Millsap, Ron Crisco, Alex Gorbachev and whoever will listen on the best ways to go about 1, monitoring 2, instrumenting 3, fixing, 4, everything else. This is good news for all of us.

Earlier in the week I received this email:

WTF? I've never left a comment on a youtube video. I click through to see this:

Ugh...My son. He's pretty much ruled the Xoom since we got it a couple of months ago and he watches all the Rome Total War videos (I did learn that the History channel used the creator's graphics engine for the re-enactment of ancient battles...good to know). Anyway, I let him use it and it uses my Google account.

He had asked about a week ago how to leave comments and I told him that he wasn't allowed to. Apparently he had done this before asking. I chastised him appropriately. We banned the Xoom for a week.

I can't help but laugh though. I sent it to Kris then ran downstairs to make her look too. LC wanted to know what we were looking at and I had to kick him out of the room because I saw Kris' face start to light up in laughter. It was funny, but we have to be parents.

That's all I got...the well is dry. I was hoping this would stir some thoughts, but apparently not.


hillbillyToad said...

Good job making him leave the room first! I would have laughed my tail off too!

Actually I am laughing right now.

Clever Idea Widgetry said...

My son makes up answers on and I endorse his nonsense completely.

Gary Myers said...

Now I have to wonder who is authoring these blog posts !

Time to set him up with his own