Friday, May 27, 2011

2011 BI Forum

My very first post from a mobile device, so forgive my spelling please.

I arrived on Tuesday evening driving from Tampa...a wonderful 8 hours away from the computer, something I haven't done in quite some time. Upon leaving, my wife said I had become like a piece of furniture...she's most likely right.

So far I've seen Mark Rittman speak twice on 11g architecture and internals, Tony Heljula (pronounced halalujah or something) on integrating SOA, Jeff McQuigg on intermediate to advanced metadata techniques (basically making the RPD your bitch :-) , Kevin McGinley on the mobile side of OBIEE and Suyog Rao on security...which was probably the most contentious of talks so far.

The nights have been fun know how much I enjoy the social aspects of these events, this has been no different. There are 50+ passionate and smart people here, so the conversations are awesome. Add beer for even more awesomeness.

Overheard tonight about me, I am eccentric. Shocking. I thought I was normal. :-) 

I will write more in the coming days, just a quick update.

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hillbillyToad said...

Eccentric? That's like an old wizened college professor that only the cool kids get. Not sure that's you?