Wednesday, April 6, 2011

katezilla: a random update

Every few months, kate likes to pull some sort of stunt...this is not one of those times.

So, the little monster continues to do well. Progress is slow of course, but she is moving forward; always a good thing.

Now this part is so far unconfirmed by me, but she's managed to say "Mama" for the first time ever. On multiple occasions. Never around me. With me, she just signs "Mama." The singing frog as usual. But, CT and PT have confirmed this, so I'll take them at their word. "Dada" has never been a problem. I'm the light of her life. ;)

Last week after returning home from school, I heard her string 2 words together, "up dada." I was in my office and she was downstairs with someone else. She said it like 30 times. I think she was telling "someone" where I was and that she wanted to come up and visit. Pretty cool.

Wow. I think that's it. Cool.

The red-headed step child
You might think my son, with the same name, is neglected. Not at all. He might get short shrift here, but not in real life.

He is a brilliant, good looking (his mom's side), polite and funny little dude. Speaking of funny, let me share a conversation we had with him the other night.

It's bedtime and he comes into my office.

LC: "Dad, can I get another little brother or sister?"

Me: "Why?"

LC: "I want to have someone to play with, or have someone else to play with Kate."

I'm thinking, that's pretty nice of him.

Me: "Well, we can't have another kid."

LC: "Why?"

Me: "It would kill your mom. Her body could barely deal with Kate's pregnancy, it might kill her."

Kris had gestational diabetes for both pregnancies, the 2nd, Kate, required insulin injections.

At this point, Kris has walked into the room.

LC: "Why don't you have a baby with another woman?"

Me: "Great question. Mom?"

Me: "I'm game if you are. :)"

After the ruckus died down, LC left to go to bed. Upon leaving he turned and said, "Now, I want to hear you two discussing this."

This conversation followed one from a month or 2 ago where he came home and asked, "What is sex?"

He's 8.

It's gonna be interesting.


Bob Rhubart said...

Family: It's why we keep going, and why put up with the rest of the world.

Glad to hear everyone is doing well!

Joel Garry said...

I know a married lady with kids, who's also in school, who became a surrogate to pay for grad school. She had triplets...

Recently Fox re-ran The Simpson's Lisa's first word episode, I assume because Liz Taylor said the word.

Noons said...

Oh boy, LC is at that funny age!
Buddy, you're in for a really awesome ride as he develops!

Gary Myers said...

My son is 8 but hasn't come out with those questions yet. There's a category of questions where I say "Let's check the internet". That certainly isn't one of them though.

As for adding to the family, make sure he's clear on the lead times for that sort of project. It's a lot easier just to borrow someone else's kids for a day or two. I'm talking sleepovers not kidnapping !