Tuesday, June 22, 2010


sofa king cool!
Some time back, my wife bought me one of those Sofa King Cool t-shirts.

I typically wear it around the house or as an undershirt, so I can do the Superman-ripping-his-shirt-open thing and impress my friends and colleagues.

Impress might be the wrong word...anyway.

I also wear it to work out, well, run (walk). I did so tonight.

It was dusk, 9ish, and I was running against traffic (on the sidewalk) in my neighborhood. As a car approached, I took my eyes off the ground to observe the car...when I tripped, fell on my hands and rolled over. Like an idiot.

Not like the Sofa King Cool dude...at all. I wish I had a picture then I could start a website of people wearing "cool" clothes and doing something completely stupid.


Noons said...

Ouch.... Hope all is well.

oraclenerd said...

Yeah, ouch. Hands scraped up, but the bigger injury is the ego. :)

Bradd Piontek said...

I'm pretty sure that event does make you SOFA KING COOL!!!

talk to your doc. Walking has just as much benefit as running for your health, and is much less stressful on your body. I'm just saying.

oraclenerd said...

I know walking is better, and I have practiced it this year out of sheer necessity...for I can hardly run more than a mile straight any longer.

I have never been a huge runner, never going over 30 or 40 miles a week, even when doing triathlons (I was close to 6-10 back then actually).

I used to yell at the walkers...now, not so much.