Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kate +3

kate, chet and me
It wasn't until today at lunch that I realized the 3 year "anniversary" of Kate's brush with death had come and gone. April 21, 2007.

For those not in the know, I'll do a quick recap.

Kate was born. They said she had seizures so they put her in the NICU and placed her in a phenobarbital coma for the next 6 weeks. Each time they tried to wean her, she would "seize". On more than one occasion (twice while laying on my stomach), she would "seize" and the process would start all over. Atavan, phenobarbital and all kinds of other crap.

Turns out she was twitchy. Benign Myoclonus of Infancy.

The only good that came out of that was that we couldn't have given 2 shits about her hands.

Fast forward 2.5 years and many, many hospital visits later, the doctors felt Kate was ready to get her tonsils and adenoids removed. You see, they believed that in conjunction with her Laryngeal Tracheal Malacia (in my terms, a floppy airway) her adenoids and tonsils were affecting her breathing in a negative way.

So there she went into the OR waving like a little princess on the cart. Surgery went fine and I spent the day with Kris and her. I then went home. About 4:30 that morning I got a text from Kris, Kate had crashed (lungs stopped working). I drove about 1 billion miles an hour to the hospital to find that Kate had stabilized.

Later that afternoon, Kate's heart just quit working. They revived her and got her stable again. An hour or so passed and it happened again. In a very "out-of-body" experience, we were discussing how long to keep trying to save her with the doctor.

Thankfully she eventually stabilized and 4 weeks later came home...addicted to morphine.

Within 3 months though, Kate took her first steps. She has progressed very well since that time...albeit slowly. Lately we've taken on behavioral and speech therapists who spend about 10 hours a week with Kate at our house.

The speech doctor believes Kate can read and showed we got her an adaptive learning device which, sure enough, she knows which button is cookie (it's a word, not a picture).

She continues to inspire and amaze all those who know her. We consider ourselves very lucky Kate walked into our life.

So, here's to Kate who kicked death square in the balls!


The Mop said...

GO!!! Kate

Noons said...

Well done, Kate! You show them!

Kris said...

I can't believe I am going to say this BUT, the day came and went and I thought naught of it until this posting 2 days later... Never thought I'd forget this date but thankfully I did after 3 years! That's my girl... Still kicking ass and taking names'