Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kate and The Tridas Center

Yesterday Kris and I took Kate to The Tridas Center.

It was exciting because we might finally get some answers as to her delays. It was scary for the same reason. Something about blissfully living in ignorance.

We got there 30 minutes early (ours was the first appointment of the day), which was about 7:30 AM. Neither Kris nor I had slept the night before, but it didn't seem to matter.

Dr. Tridas and Nurse Julie met us...Julie taking Kate away to play and observe and Dr. Tridas meeting with us to hear all about Kate. Thankfully, we had about 2 hours to tell him her life story. Kris supplied him with the technical/medical details and I told him what we were looking for, help.

This was really just a first step, a basic evaluation of Kate (and probably us) so not much came of it. He did say she was not autistic and that she didn't have Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). Both very good things.

That gives us hope that Kate will be able to live a pretty normal life...even if we can't. :)

So we await the next steps...


dmcghan said...

Happy to hear bro...

Kellyn said...

Keep your chin up, Chet! I hope you and Kris and rest well- My youngest has always thrown many areas of specialists in a tizzy- he is physically two years younger than he is chronologically. There have many that recommended growth hormones, synthetic hormones, etc., concerned about his mental development and yet without any intervention, he's been moved ahead one grade to offer him more intellectual challenges. Many in the medical arena forget that individuals are just that and that uniqueness is what allows any possibility. As loved as your child is and if she's given the opportunities to succeed, I have no doubt she will suprise you.