Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kate is 5!


It's really hard to believe.

It feels like she has been here for about 3 million a good way of course.

Kate continues to impress and delight us each and every day naturally. This has been a good year for her...I believe just one pneumonia induced hospital stay, and that was all the way back in February.

In January she began her Human Growth Hormone (HGH) treatments, this December, she managed to make the growth charts for the very first time.

This picture was taken today I'm in the great state of Alabama (where apparently you cannot buy beer on Sunday...after a day of travel I was really looking forward to that beer, no worries though). Sucks I can't be there but that's life.

Her mother has kept her healthy and happy. She uses the Bush Doctrine to keep her minor illnesses from turning into hospital stays. What Kris has done for Kate is nothing short of amazing.

This summer Kate attended the Blossom School for the Deaf, where we believe she had a great time. Does she sign? No...well, she knows "all done" and "more." I think she knows "Daddy" but she puts my thumb on my head.

She started back at her school from last year this fall and things have changed for the better there. Teachers have assistants now so it's no longer 18-1.

(Yes, this is all over the place...)

She's begun to point at things. She makes a "funny face" which she learned from Yo Gabba Gabba.

What else?

I don't know, my brain is not working too well tonight. I'll leave it at that.


B. said...

I know you don't know me, but I follow you on Google Reader. Just wanted to say that it's good to hear something positive happening in someone's life.

Sounds like you're an amazing dad, and your daughter must be very lucky to have such a supportive family.

There are plenty of children in the world that go un-loved.

oraclenerd said...


Thank you very much.

Feel free to drop me a line sometime and introduce yourself...