Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kate: Summer Wrap-up

Is summer over already?

It is for Kate. She's been going to camp at the Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf for the past 8 weeks or so (no, I don't know exactly, I'm Dad).

The teachers there are awesome and have really taken to Kate. Who wouldn't take to this beautiful little girl though?

It's very, very difficult to get a picture of Kate. She either closes her eyes as soon as she sees the camera or she turns away, thus, the blur.

Sadly, Friday is her last day. We were hoping to put her in school there full-time this fall, but that's not going to happen. There had been a small chance we could get her in on the McKay Scholarship, but it looks like she has to go to public school for one more year to qualify. Neither Kris or I are happy about this, but the McKay Scholarship will cover (most of) her educational costs for the next 17 years. You do what you have to do.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the summer, one of the biggest benefits of Kate attending Blossom was that I would get to spend more time with her; the school is right across the street from where I currently work.

The first hour of my mornings have been spent listening to song #6, an old DJ Laz song, over and over and over and over and over. She won't let me change the song. As soon as I do, she starts to "fly away" (I need to get video of this) and signing (her version anyway) "more." In no uncertain terms, she's pissed.

Once in a while I get to pick her up as well. I get a much better reception that Mom does, which is only natural. By the time I get home, my face is tired...from smiling so much. Awesome doesn't really do much to describe it.

Today I had to go pick up her car seat because my mom forget to grab it when she picked her up (a day off for Mom). As I walked over, I ran into one of her teachers who was leaving. She made me promise to bring Kate over during the year so that she could see her, as she (the teacher) wouldn't be at school on Friday.

We began to talk about how wonderful Kate is and I said,
Kris and I have struggled with the word, but technically, Kate is retarded (physically delayed, possibly mental...). If I have to be retarded, I hope I can be retarded like Kate.
Or something like that. Point is, you would be hard pressed to find a happier child than Kate.

The teacher later commented, "As soon as Kate walked into the door, she walked into my heart."

If I weren't so manly, I would have cried. ;)


Noons said...

She is an amazing kid, dude.

My son was classed the same way when he was a baby. He turned out to be a perfect adolescent with stellar sports ability and an above average scholar rating and I am tremendously proud of his achievements.
I've got a little voice telling me Kate is gonna be exactly the same or much better!

oraclenerd said...


We're certainly hoping that's the case with Kate, just a really, really, really late bloomer.


Aman.... said...

She is just an angel, really, she is just so so sweet! I have no words to express how I felt when I read the last lines of the post, I am not married but I guess, I could sense what you must be feeling. I shall just pray that she is going to come up as a very sweet princess and may god bless her with his choicest blessings.


Melissa said...

She looks like a different kid already, adorable! Is she signing now?

oraclenerd said...


Thank you...

oraclenerd said...


She knows 3 signs I think, but she had learned those prior to school. Please (hand on chest), all done (which she does differently, basically wiping her hands...violently!) and more, her thumb to the palm of her opposite hand.

I keep working with her to do Daddy, open hand with thumb to the forehead (mom is the same but with thumb to the chin).

Anonymous said...

I did cry.. Maybe it's the medication..? ;) -BK

oraclenerd said...


I cried at @noons response...I can admit that.

I sent him a private note saying so (and thanking him). What can you do?

Karen said...

Trying to get Peyton a Mackay scholarship as well. I am getting really frustrated just to get him approved for an IEP after two YEARS!

It sounds like Kate is doing very well and I hope the path continues!

Crisatunity said...

Keep us updated, your fatherly love is inspiring.

oraclenerd said...


Thank you sir.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chet and Chris. It's dr welsh, your ol chiropractor. Your father gave me the blog site and I think it's a great idea to keep us posted. But of course your folks keep me posted as well. Hugs to all of you!!
dr w

oraclenerd said...

Dr. Welsh!

Thank you. I neglected to send out the email this time because my parents usually take care of that for me...I might just reconsider that next time.