Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kate: The TV Star

A couple of weeks ago a colleague of mine said she was enrolling her girls in the school across the street from work.

School? What school?

It's the Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf.

Your girls aren't deaf.

No they aren't, but they've opened up the summer program to all children.

Interesting. All I could think about was I might get to drive Kate to school. WIN! My friend later brought over some paperwork and I passed that on to Kris.

The next day, Kris called and was thoroughly impressed. They knew what apraxia was, unlike her local public school.

Kate has been in the ELP program for about a year and a half. ELP stands for Early Learning Program. It's designed for kids who, for one reason or another, have fallen behind. I think it falls between regular classes and Special Education (think Down's Syndrome).

Anyway, they recently provided us with her year-end report. It's not required though because the end of the year is really December. On the report, they crossed out (literally) the December date and hand-wrote the current date (June something). On top of that injustice (pun intended), they stated that Kate had made no progress since the last review.

Seriously, why would you do that? Why would you even entertain the idea of making @ktjustice mad? Mad is an understatement actually.

Needless to say, we signed Kate up for Blossom.

Kate signs, a little bit. Please, More, All Done. I don't think we pursued that hard because of her hands. She's been in school for 2 weeks now and seems to enjoy it. I think she signed Daddy this evening (poor Mommy).

Today they took a field trip to the Clearwater Aquarium and lo and behold, a news crew was there!

(I was having problems getting this to display, so just click-through if it doesn't show up).

Kate shows up at 1:02...with her back to everone else...standing, while everyone else is sitting.

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