Sunday, December 21, 2008

Need Part Time Work?

My little monster Kate has suggested that she may need Growth Hormones to catch up. She turned 4 years old last Saturday (12/13) and she's a tad on the small side.

The doctor said that she was small for her gestational age (36 weeks, 17 inches long). She's been growing, despite the steroids (inhibit growth) she took most of her first two and a half years, just very slowly. She needs to catch up.

Kris was told by the doctor that this could cost anywhere from 15 to 20K per year. Naturally insurance doesn't cover it. But we will appeal.

Seriously, Kate's not getting college money or wedding money from me.

Being salaried, I can't earn any more money at work. So I'm asking all 12 of my usual readers if they have any work or know of anyone looking for a fairly rounded Oracle type like me. Strong developer skills, juniorish DBA skills, strong (if rusty) ApEx skills. I'll even throw a little Java in there (keyword, little).

Twenty to thirty hours a month if possible.

Any leads you could throw me would be great too. I'm actually very delightful in person. Especially if I can tell the tales of woe in regards to Kate (don't think I won't pull out the sympathy card). ;)


Crisatunity said...

I added you to my LinkedIn network. I'll let you know if I run across anything.

Mike said...

Hey Chet, it's me Mike (I'll update my profile eventually). What do you mean, "...Kate has suggested..."? How can a 4-year old suggest that she need growth hormones? ``:-)? <<== that's me scratchin' my head. Anyway, yeah, I put it out on my e-mail list. Hopefully you'll be buried with inquiries.

oraclenerd said...

Thanks Mike.

She can't, just me being silly. In fact, she doesn't even talk yet...but I shouldn't expect everyone to know that.

Mike said...

aha...ok, cool. thanks.