Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby Kate: Day 576

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So it's been 576 days since Kate kicked the reaper in the nuts and told him to eff off. We hadn't had a single visit to the hospital...until this week. Pneumonia got to her, and the latest version of the flu (I asked my wife if it was the bird flu). At first, it was old hat. We did this all the time. I think we averaged at least 1 hospital stay every 3 months for the first 2.5 years of Kate's life.

After about a day I was unhappy. Texted Kris and said, "I don't like this anymore." She responded with, "neither do i."

Honestly I can't do a darn thing without Kris. Little Chet is lucky he made it to school...on time. He's lucky he was clean. People kept asking me questions and I'd just have this blank look on my face...ummm...ask Kris? Are you going to sign up for Little League? I don't know. Are you going to coach? I don't know. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? I don't know.

Point is, it ain't regular for Kate to go into the hospital now. Yes, I was comforted by the fact that our Pulmonologist had 35 other kids admitted into the hospital. That made the situation a little easier to swallow. But (thankfully) it is the exception now and no longer the rule that Kate goes into the hospital.

Speaking of Kate...she's stalking me right now in her red Minnie Mouse PJs (there must be a break in Spongebob). She is growing. Up to 32.5 lbs and 35.43 inches tall. Big-time midget, but she's my midget. No talking from her other than this primal grunting (not sure where she gets that from). There's no better personality in the world either...I get no kisses. Mom, she gets kisses. Dad, hell no. "Hey Dad, kiss my ear!"

"No, besa me en la boca!"

Yeah right.

The smile from that little monster gets no better. She can light up a room.

We've learned from recent visits with the neurologist, that there is a higher incidence of Syndactyly and "Slow Development" of children born to mothers with gestational diabetes. Strangely, we had never heard that before. Doesn't really matter though. Hands can be fixed...doesn't really matter anymore. If she's happy, I'm happy...we're happy.


Jake said...

Sorry to hear she was sick, but glad she's feeling better.

wondering said...

Hey, Glad Kate is doing better. She has a great mom and dad and brother. Give my best to the family.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your little one was sick, but I'm glad she's better. She's quite the trooper, clearly destined for great things since she has been through so much so soon in her life, and still is a little ray of sunshine. Must be Kris's Hugs to you and yours,

jenny said...

Hey Chet- Hope your wonderful little girl is doing a lot better. Hang in there---you obviously know she is an angelic miracle sent from above.

Hope you and your family have a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving. I have been thinking of you all and praying for you......

You seem to be a very loving, nurturing and incredible Dad and husband. You always were very sweet.

Hello to your family!

-jennifer mcfarlan harper

oraclenerd said...

Thank you first girlfriend! ;)