Monday, September 8, 2008

Random Things

The best how-to on the SQL MODEL clause, by Duke Ganote.

I've been trying most of the day to PIVOT a query based on monthly buckets (up to 7). It's driving me crazy. I haven't been able to get it going with Analytics and that's what led me back to Duke's post.

I'm co-presenting Application Express at the SOUG meeting with Dan McGhan. Dan graciously helped out when I stumbled last time. You can get directions and sign up here.

I'll be doing more of the backend (why does that always make me giggle?) stuff and Dan will be showing off some of the cool front end stuff (customization, javascript plugins, etc).

By the way, I found out at the DBA 2.0 one day conference that we were presenting. That was funny.

I like twitter now. Jake suggested using it to search for jobs during my recent stint of un-employment...I like the "micro-blogging" thing.

I did get my old job back last week. They (thankfully) were able to move the start time up a month. I get to do some testing as part of the deal.

I do miss home though. It was nice hanging out with my wife without having to always rush through conversations. Being around the kids (before school started) was fun too. I have never been able to enjoy my time because I'm always thinking about some problem...since I had no job I was released from that burden.

The Wii is gathering dust, kind of. I did score a 184 on tanks (Wii Play) last night. I also miss my afternoon naps...

But I'm thankful to have a job again. Lots to do...


Jake said...

Hey congrats. Rarely, if ever, have I heard of someone in tech "getting a job back", so you must be persuasive or just that good.

What did you do? Break some heads, make them an offer they couldn't refuse?

oraclenerd said...

I think I just whined a know, made them feel guilty about letting me go, small kids, etc.

oraclenerd said...

and Thanks!