Thursday, July 10, 2008

Men Are From Venus?

So my wife calls me today to share a funny story.

Apparently my son (Little Chet) asked about metorites. He had seen them on Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius. She starts explaining what they are and the conversation led to talk about the space shuttle and the space station.

LC: What do they do up there?

WIFE: They do all kinds of stuff, experiments, look at planets, etc.

LC: The look at planets? Like Planet Penis?

WIFE: What?!

LC: Planet Penis, the one close to Earth.

WIFE: You mean Venus?

LC: Yeah, that's the one.

He doesn't get "Uranus" yet...


Ted Simpson said...

LOL. I just had a son in June -- I guess this is what I have to look forward to.

oraclenerd said...

Congratulations Ted!

Oh yes, this is but one of the many "colorful" gems from his mouth.

He's an absolute hoot!