Monday, April 14, 2008

Baby Kate - Day 361

It's amazingly almost been a year to the day. Saturday, the 19th will be the "anniversary." Kate turned 40 months on Sunday. What a long strange trip it's been...

A quick recap: my wife (Kris) and I took our almost 2.5 year old daughter to get her tonsils and addenoids removed. She stood on the gurney and waved to us like a little princess.

Next day (morning actually), she was put on a respirator and later in the afternoon, she crashed, twice. Her heart rate was 5 or something. The second time the doctor came out and said he couldn't do anymore and the hospital chaplain showed up.

She spent the next 2 weeks on an oscillator (short quick bursts of air, about 300 per minute because her lungs couldn't handle a normal breathing rate), one week on a ventilator and finally came off of that. She was addicted to pain meds and had to be weaned off via methadone, my 2 year old addict!

Fortunately she made a full recovery. The only lasting scar was on her head; basically, her sat in her own spit for 2 weeks (oscillator, they couldn't move her head as they normally do). She now has a bald spot behind her left ear...she partly on her way to looking like her father! I know she would be OK when I saw this picture:

That gleam in her eye was back.

In August, she walked for the first time, in October, she walked into our bedroom for the first time.

She still doesn't talk, but I can't say I really care. It would be nice to hear her thoughts, but I don't need to, I'm sure I'll get enough of her in the near future.

In January she started school. They have a class for developmentally delayed children, I think it's called Early Learning Progam. She cried the first couple of weeks when Kris dropped her off, but it is less and less frequent now. She now takes the bus to and from school which leaves Kris a few hours to herself finally.

From all indications she is doing very well. She loves other kids (though she may pinch a little too much). We haven't received a negative report.

She's also great at impersonating an 18 month old. We still don't have to pay for her Disney tickets because she doesn't look 3 yet. That's a huge bonus. Which reminds me, she grown 4 inches in the past year (maybe 5?).

She continues to be the source of much joy. She has one of the best demeanors I've ever seen, especially considering all that she's been through. Her smile lights up the room.

Kris has finally agreed to consider [voluntary] surgery. Kate's hands still need a bit of work. After last year, we were perfectly happy with letting her make the decision when she turned 18. We wanted nothing to do with some sort of "voluntary" procedures.

This post feels very disjointed. I apologize for that.

I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone who has supported us.


Chen Shapira said...

What a touching story. I can only imagine how difficult this must have been.

You have a beautiful daughter and I wish your family best of luck.

oraclenerd said...

Thank you Chen.